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Tell Your State NO to Mandatory Vaxx Laws!

This letter is to write you with my concern about the Fauci and Gates agenda to force multiple vaccination doses on all Americans for the COVID19 virus.

We are concerned that these injections are intended as the “trojan horse” for tracking and for a more extensive mandatory vaccine schedule. No vaccine has been tested for safety and efficacy since 1986.

There is a great deal of concern, among those of us who have extensively studied the history of fraud, coverups, adverse health effects and even deaths, in the vaccine industry.

While you may declare yourself “pro-vaxx,” as many do, there are over 12,000 published studies on the significant risk of taking vaccines.

And, if the vaccine works, then the person who takes it should be protected, and I represent no risk to them if I did not choose the vaccination myself.

The vaccine makers and government authorities have already told us they are skipping very important animal trials; they may not be doing placebo controls (which will mean we will never know the risk profile of the vaccine); and they are not doing any long-term testing to assess cancer and auto-immune disease risk. (All other vaccines have been linked to AI disease and various cancers.)

Why are they skipping important steps? To rush a product to market that has no testing besides whether the body produces antibodies. (And it is unclear whether producing one type of antibody even indicates protection from the illness.)

All for a virus the CDC has already stated is survived by 399 out of every 400 people who get it, even though most who get significant symptoms are elderly or already weakened by another illness.

It is now 54 percent of American children who have an auto-immune disease, up from just 12 percent, 20 years ago! And every one of those 100+ auto-immune diseases that are now at epidemic levels, are listed in the inserts in the vaccine package, as known adverse events from the injection.

Since the 1986 National Vaccine Injury and Compensation Act was passed, the drug companies have been completely exempted from all legal liability, as long as they disclose the known adverse health impacts in the product insert.

So, if the vaccines work, we have traded risk of temporary, recoverable infectious illness, for a global pandemic of auto-immune disease, as well as many cancers.

And, after the 1986 law, autism soared from 1 in 10,000 children—an illness most pediatricians saw once or twice in their careers--to 1 in 32 children (and 1 in 22 boys) now—an illness every pediatrician treats every day. At the current rate of growth in autism, by 2032, 80 percent of our boys will be autistic.

And half of those autistic children will never go on a date, speak, or use a toilet. It’s not that we’ve gotten better at diagnosing; that is an argument of pharma that has been soundly debunked by many researchers.

I believe that you will face an ADULT mandatory vaccine legislation eventually—and soon, if Fauci and Gates succeed in their objectives.

Please consider that they are co-owners of the patent for the Moderna vaccine, and we, the taxpayers, footed the bill for nearly $400M to speed that product’s development to market. Fauci, of the NIH, is supposed to safeguard public health, and instead he has financial incentives to profit from the drug he wants us to have no choice about being injected with and also tracked long-term, to aggressively push any number of other vaccines that the pharmaceutical industry would like to require us to pay for and then have to deal with the health consequences from.

Virtually all autistic children have severe digestive disorders, and are on so many drugs and need so much care that the average autistic child costs insurance companies and their parents $2 million over the course of a lifetime.

I ask you to vote against giving away our rights to determine what is injected into our bodies. All vaccines on the market today include dozens of the following ingredients, including every one of the following categories:

Toxic chemicals; animal RNA/DNA; aborted fetal RNA/DNA, often of the opposite gender; heavy metals including mercury or aluminum; and a cocktail of drugs. Our own bodies are the last frontier, for basic human rights and freedom, and we have been on a slippery slope for a long time, where we aggrandize all chemical solutions to health, while mostly disregarding personal accountability for our health.

I would like to take personal accountability for my health. My family and I will not take the vaccine, and will be part of any and all resistance to using government force, violating the basic principle of “informed consent.”

Please vote against all mandatory vaccine laws, because they are coming, and this time, they want to force them on adults, and deny us basic rights like air travel, a driver’s license, or attending a public event.

Thank you for your service as our elected official, and please put me on any mailing lists of updates about your votes on various bills.

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