Vote NO on HB529 on April 14

Dear [title] [last name],

Please, vote NO on HB529 on April 14.

Parents have a right to expect that their children receive a good education in our public schools.  A good education means you don't opt out of entire groups of people like the LGBTQ community.

We hear again and again that one of the goals of our schools should be to prepare students for the workforce. LGBTQ people are part of the workforce. People embarking on their careers won't be successful on the job by opting out of working with or serving LGBTQ people.  We shouldn't model exclusion at school.

This bill stigmatizes LGBTQ students and teachers who have every right to equal dignity in our public schools, despite the fact that they already face more discrimination than their peers. 

This bill creates more hurdles for teachers having to manage the opt outs when they are already overworked.  There is no advantage in passing this legislation.

Thank you for considering my views.

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