Vote NO on SB1367/HB1233 on April 19

Dear [title] [last name],

Please, vote NO on SB1367/HB1233 on April 19 when the bill is up for a vote on the floor of the Senate and the House.

This bill would result in separate and unequal accommodations for transgender students.  The impact on students is pain and stigma.  Consider Adam's story that recently appeared in The Memphis Flyer:

The Mt. Juliet 8th-grader used to go to a public middle school and was offered the bathrooms in the nurse's office, the guidance office, or the faculty bathroom. They were not close to his classes, he said, and using them just made him stand out more “and alienated me further.” 

“So, I started not to drink anything during the day and holding it until I got home,” said Adam, who did not give his last name during the news conference. “Everyone goes to the bathroom. So, why should it be more difficult for trans kids who already have enough to worry about?”

Because of the suffering that transgender students will endure if this bill passes, there will be lawsuits, as the fiscal note indicates.  Transgender students are still winning lawsuits against school districts across the country when they encounter discrimination.

In addition, the procedure for requesting accommodation outlined in the bill is complicated and will cause bureaucratic headaches for school personnel.  It is far simpler to leave all our students in peace and let them use the restroom that best fits their gender identity. 

Protect transgender students from the pain, protect school districts from losing lawsuits, and protect the valuable time of school personnel by voting NO on this bill.

Thank you.

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