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RE: Healthy Cardiac Monitoring Act

Each year thousands of people suffer from undiagnosed cardiac conditions with symptoms that range from mild to catastrophic including sudden cardiac arrest. The Health Cardiac Monitoring Act will:

  •  Include cardiac questions to be added to the “Well Child” examination for all children under the age of 19.

  • Improve professional development for healthcare providers with an online training system.

  •  Improve student-athlete pre-participation physicals and athlete education about signs and symptoms that are linked to cardiac conditions.

  • Improve the ability of the healthcare providers to identify children and families at risk for cardiac disorders both genetic and congenital.

  • The legislation we are seeking to introduce and pass at the state level is called the “Healthy Cardiac Monitoring Act” (HCM Act).

I am asking you to help us pass this into law in (Select State). Other states have passed similar legislation and have helped to identify children and families at risk and provided them an opportunity to seek treatment which has proven to be life-saving.

The draft legislation is located here:



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