Vote NO on HB2633 on March 1

Please, vote NO on HB2633 on March 1 when it comes before the House K-12 Subcommittee.

All students have a right to their identities, including transgender and non-binary students. It is bad public policy to pass laws encouraging school personnel to ignore the identities of students. School personnel should not have the right to determine the identities of others. That would give the government a monopoly on saying who students are, which is contrary to basic rights and the principle of individualism. It harms no one to use a student’s pronouns; it harms students when school personnel don’t use their pronouns.

A January 27, 2022 report by Society for Resarch in Child Development concluded: "Ultimately, transgender youth show more positive outcomes in school environments that implement and enforce policies and practices that affirm youth’s gender identity and protect them from discrimination."

The fiscal note is also a concern. If the federal government construes this bill as discriminatory, we could lose school funding.

Thank you for considering my views.

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