Vote NO on HB2835 and HB2451 on March 8

Please, vote NO on HB2835 and HB2451 when they come before the House Health Subcommittee on March 8.

HB2835: People have a right to seek best-practice health care, including transgender youth. And physicians have a right to provide it. People have a right to be themselves, as long as it harms no one else. Gender-affirming care harms no one, but makes it possible for transgender people of all ages to live better lives.


Research published in February 2020 in Pediatrics found that transgender youth who received gender-affirming care were significantly less likely to have suicidal thoughts and behaviors compared to those who wanted it but did not receive it.


Institutions including the Endocrine Society, American Medical Society, American Psychological Society, American Psychiatric Association, and American Academy of Pediatrics all advocate for supporting children as they navigate gender identity concerns. And they all agree that safely guided gender transition in children (in collaboration with parents and medical providers) is not a criminal offense, but standard and ethical practice.


Tennessee should not unilaterally change the standard of care in any area of medicine and then put it in a punitive form in our law code. That creates extreme distress for patients and confusion for medical professionals. 


The provisions of the bill related to counseling are also detrimental to youth well-being. Forcing mental health professionals to divulge information about youth exploring gender identity and expression will shut down open communication between youth and counselors.


HB2451: This bill claims to be about parent rights. But it looks more like an effort to micromanage every aspect of the curriculum and extracurricular activities. It will add significantly to the administrative workload of teachers and administrators. Parents can already opt their children out of activities. Schools need to be able to educate students without every activity being micromanaged by the provisions of this bill.


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