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Do not close ANY businesses before Christmas

Dear Commissioners and Dr. Abney,

The situation is dire. The reality for the the citizens you swore to protect and serve is teetering on mental, physical, emotional, and financial collapse.

The restaurant industry in our community is on life support. Owners and operators have complied with every restriction even when it was detrimental to their profit margin, even when it alienated customers, even when it forced them to set up tents on sidewalks. Their employees are already suffering from loss of tips and low sales. Do not roll them back any further! The governor's mandates are killing people, and yet even he on Thursday said (of counties that had closed restaurants to dining), "That's not a direction I would have taken". Furthermore, he said on camera that restaurants are not even the number one "cause" of the spread! In case you missed it:

When asked how her restaurant was doing this past weekend, a local owner, crestfallen, replied, "I don't know. I guess the Commissioners are going to shut me down this week". 

There is simply no data, none at all, that business closures and lockdowns have been effective against SARS-CoV-2 in any State of the Union. What it has been effective at is killing the lives, livelihoods, and morale of our entire community. They do not protect the vulnerable, they devastate those who are not.

From the data analysts at Rational Ground:

By defining some workers as essential and others as non-essential, the government is not only choosing economic winners and losers, but also which lives and livelihoods are expendable while we wait for the vaccine. This is not a decision for the government. Each individual must be given the information necessary and the agency to make these decisions for himself or herself. Such an approach will naturally result in those workers at lowest risk bearing the immunological burden, rather than those who are unable to work from home, which is what is occurring now. Businesses must be allowed to operate freely and without interference. If a business is to be closed, it must be done with due process and must be based on transparent and unambiguous data that demonstrate specific problems in that specific business. Also, liability protection is needed to allow businesses and institutions to operate without fear of lawsuits. (Source:


 In your discussion this week about mitigating the spread of coronavirus, I urge you to consider the true weight of your actions. Always err on the side of freedom.



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