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Stop the Reproductive Freedom Act

We call upon our Democratic colleagues in the New Jersey Senate to oppose the Reproductive Freedom Act. We believe that this bill is too radical for New Jersey and will make our party vulnerable in 2021. 

This bill would make it legal for abortions to occur at any time during a woman's pregnancy. It would strip rights away from unborn children and would invalidate New Jersey's conscience clause--the right of medical professionals in choosing to not perform abortions based on their consciences. As Democrats and as progressives, we do not agree with this bill's extreme provisions.

Under this bill, game animals and pets would have more rights under New Jersey law than unborn children. In addition, this bill is a threat to our party's progressive values and to our party's electoral chances in the upcoming year. We call upon our party to instead re-align their focus towards providing more accessible and effective maternal care to women across our state instead of expanding abortion access. In a state that ranks forty-seventh in maternal health outcomes, it is important that these issues be addressed in lieu of this bill. Galvanizing Republicans in this next election can hurt our chances of keeping vital seats in crucial swing districts, hindering our efforts at making real progress addressing other issues regarding women's healthcare.

Don't let abortion get in the way of making real progress. Say no to abortion extremism. Say no to this bill.

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