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I support Tulsi Gabbard's Born Alive Bill to protect abortion survivors

As a proud Democrat, I agree with Tulsi Gabbard that the survivors of abortion attempts should be entitled to the same medical care as any other human being.

Sadly, extreme pro-abortion advocates such as Governor Ralph Northam and Governor Andrew Cuomo would rather deny protections to survivors of abortion.

It is critical to give federal protection to fully developed, born babies who survive an abortion attempt.

There are at least 300 documented instances of babies surviving abortion: a low estimate, given reporting is not mandatory. Often, these babies are left by an abortionist to die, rather than being provided the necessary oxygen, fluids, and surgery they may need to survive. We need strong laws to be able to prosecute abortionists who violate their duty of care.

Contrary to what Planned Parenthood thinks, protecting born children should be the very least we can agree on.

I stand with Tulsi Gabbard and call on all Congressional House Democrats to support this bill.



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