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Stand with Tulsi: Protect children and women from late-term abortion

I am proud to support Tulsi Gabbard's bill that protects preborn, pain-capable children from the horrors of dismemberment abortion.

Sadly, Tulsi is coming under attack from pro-abortion extremists who are outraged that a Democratic legislator and woman would stand up for preborn rights.

But the reality is that 58% of Americans, including most women, support legal protection for preborn children after 20 weeks.

In line with most Americans, I stand with Tulsi.

This bill is pro-child. It protects pre-born children from a painful death at the hands of unscrupulous abortion doctors.

This bill is pro-science. Science has revealed the humanity of the child in the womb while pushing forward the point of viability lower and lower. Today, a child born at 22 weeks has a 35% chance of survival.

This bill is pro-woman. Research shows that a woman seeking an abortion at 20 weeks is 35 times more likely to die from an abortion than she was in the first trimester.

I call on Congressional Democrats to step up in sponsoring and voting for this bill alongside Tulsi. The United States is one of only seven countries in the world to have unrestricted abortion after 20 weeks, alongside notorious human rights abusers like China and North Korea.

We demand nonviolent solutions that support both women and children.

The time to end late-term abortion is now. 

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