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Support $2,000 relief checks for students and families

Dear [first name] [last name],

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit college students particularly hard. As current undergraduate students, we have heard and experienced many of the unprecedented challenges that college students face at this time. In addition to the stress caused by health concerns related to COVID-19 many of us have faced numerous unanticipated challenges, including changes in housing, food insecurity, and lost jobs, all while paying full tuition for a compromised college experience. We are facing unparalleled amounts of stress and uncertainty as we navigate our academic endeavors, continue to keep up with our coursework, and apply for jobs. A recent study from the Journal of Public Economics found that, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 13% of students delayed graduation, 40% lost a job, internship, or offer, and 29% are expected to earn less at 35. Now more than ever before, students need relief to help mitigate the numerous issues we are currently facing.

As home to a Big Ten school, our state is especially reliant on higher education to drive our economy. Our institutions provide jobs, research, and educational opportunities to people in all corners of our state but rely on student tuition dollars to do so. Lower-income students are 55% more likely than their higher-income peers to have delayed graduation due to COVID-19, and we’ve seen a significant decline in enrollment as students and their families struggle to make ends meet. It’s not just individuals depending on these $2,000 relief checks, but our state’s higher education system as well.

Congress must act to support students in this difficult time. I strongly encourage you to take up a Senate version of the Caring for Americans with Supplement Help Act and ensure adult dependents are included to put direct relief into students' hands. 


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