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Vote NO on HB372 on February 17

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introduction, reading-1: Senate
Filed for introduction
introduction, reading-1: House
Filed for introduction
introduction: House
Intro., P1C.
introduction: Senate
Introduced, Passed on First Consideration
: House
Placed on s/c cal Public Service Subcommittee for 2/17/2021
referral-committee: House
Assigned to s/c Public Service Subcommittee
referral-committee: House
P2C, ref. to State Government Committee
: Senate
Passed on Second Consideration, refer to Senate State and Local Government Committee
: House
Placed on s/c cal Public Service Subcommittee for 2/24/2021
: House
Meeting Canceled
: House
Action Def. in s/c Public Service Subcommittee to 3/17/2021
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Vote NO on HB372 on Feb. 17

Dear [title] [last name],

Please, vote NO on HB372 on February 17 in the Public Service and Employees Subcommittee.

This bill allows state and local government employees to opt out of training sessions that they say conflict with their beliefs. 

One important training area involves diversity, inclusion, and non-discrimination. This legislation opens state and local government up to more lawsuits over discrimination when incidents occur.  These training sessions serve as an important shield for the public.

The bill is written widely enough that it potentially affects every kind of training that state and local governments provide for their employees, including critical compliance training sessions. It is hard to know the full implications of such as a broadly worded bill.

Thank you for considering my views.


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This bill would allow employees of state and local government to opt out of trainings that they say conflict with their beliefs. This bill appears to provide a way to undermine diversity training. It makes government more vulnerable to discrimination lawsuits.

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  • This bill is so broadly worded that it affects every kind of training, including compliance training.
  • This bill opens government up to further discrimination lawsuits.
  • This bill would allow state and local government employees to opt out of diversity trainings.