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Vote NO on the anti-transgender bathroom sign mandate bill

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Vote NO on HB1182 on the House floor on Monday

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Please, vote NO on HB1182 when it comes up on the House floor on Monday.

This bill is an effort to intimidate transgender people about restrooms and intimidate businesses that support inclusive restrooms. Legislation like this can put transgender people in danger and make businesses a target for aggression. 

The sponsor has not consulted transgender people about the dangers of this bill.  The business community will view this as an unfunded mandate and the government attempting to force a viewpoint on them.

Thank you for considering my views.


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his bill requires public buildings with trans-inclusive restrooms to put up signs about “biological sex.” It is an effort to intimate transgender people and businesses with inclusive restrooms.

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  • This bill will lead to aggression against against trans-friendly businesses.
  • This bill will lead to more policing of transgender people in restrooms.