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Vote NO on SB1367 and SB1229 on April 5 on the Senate floor.

Dear [title] [last name],

Please, vote NO on SB1367 and SB1229 when they reach the Senate floor on Monday.

SB1367 is an anti-transgender student bathroom bill that will result in stigmatizing separate and unequal accommodations for students.  This bill is bad for students and the courts have agreed. The fallout could also include boycotts of our state resulting in significant losses.

SB1229 is also stigmatizing.  Its message is that there is something wrong with LGBTQ people so parents should be able to opt their students out of any part of the curriculum that mentions someone's sexual orientation or gender identity.  As well as being discriminatory, this bill is yet another burden on teachers to have to handle the opt-outs every time there is an issue. 

Taken together and with other legislation advancing in the General Assembly, these bills tell LGBTQ students that they are not welcome in our public schools.  The Legislature needs to turn its act around and find ways to make sure all students are thriving at our schools. 

I am tired of these attacks.


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SB1367, which is a school bathroom bill, and SB1229, which allows parents to opt their students out of LGBTQ content in the curriculum, are on the Senate floor on April 5. Tell Senators to vote NO.

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  • The Legislature needs to turn around its approach to LGBTQ students.
  • These bills discriminate against LGBTQ youth at the very schools where they should welcome.