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URGENT: Tell Your Representatives to Sign the #SaveHyde Pledge.

Dear [title] [last name],

Please sign the #SaveHyde Petition to protect the bi-partisan Hyde Amendment and support real choice for pregnant women.

Government funding should go toward solutions that help women in crisis pregnancies: child care, affordable healthcare, and economic relief for families. We believe in non-violent solutions to difficult situations.

I am appalled that some leaders would violate our conscience rights by forcing our tax dollars to end the lives of unborn children -- something a majority of Americans oppose.

Low-income women, according to all polling, do not want abortion funded under Medicaid. This is a policy overwhelmingly supported by the rich, pushing it on a population that does not want it.

Please sign the petition today.https://www.democratsforlife.org/savehyde. 


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We call on Congress to protect the bi-partisan Hyde Amendment to protect public funding of abortion.. Contact your legislators today to urge them to sign the #SaveHyde Pledge.

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