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Bill introduced
action: Intro-H
Introduced in House
action: B00100
Sponsor introductory remarks on measure.
referral: H11100 : HSIF
Referred to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce.
referral: : HSIF
Referred to the Subcommittee on Health.
action: H8D000
ASSUMING FIRST SPONSORSHIP - Mr. Pappas asked unanimous consent that he may hereafter be considered as the first sponsor of H.R. 1744, a bill originally introduced by Representative Hastings, for the purpose of adding cosponsors and requesting reprintings pursuant to clause 7 of rule XII. Agreed to without objection.
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Pass the Humane Research & Testing Act of 2021

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I'm a constituent from (city, state). I'm calling in support of the FDA Modernization Act of 2021 and asking you to help pass this important bill.

The current FDA requirements are 80 years old. Science has advanced, as has our understanding of animals and their capacity to suffer terrible physical and mental harm in medical experiments. It's time to allow drug developers to use the most modern and ethical testing methods available to them. This bill would do that, and I hope you'll work on behalf of your constituents to support and help pass it.

Thank you for hearing my request.