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Thank you for SB127 deferral, vote NO on Wednesday morning.

I would like to thank the Senate for deferring action on SB127 on Monday afternoon.  I ask you to vote NO when it comes up again on Wednesday morning.  Senators raised questions about the scope of the bill.  The bill includes more than a company's HR policies.  The bill's wording is broad enough that it can include service policies.

State and local governments should be able to look at a business or nonprofit's policies when awarding grants or contracts.  If a business or nonprofit refuses to serve a portion of the public, then that ties the hands of government and, therefore, taxpayers in how public funds are used. 

But even if the bill were limited to HR policies, it's not acceptable.  Public schools contracting with companies that provide janitorial and bus driving services should be able to consider a company's HR policies in awarding contracts.  For example, employee background checks can protect minors in such situations.  This bill would prevent a public school system from using that as a criterion. 

This bill is sure to have unintended and discriminatory consequences.  Please, vote NO.

Thank you for considering my views.


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Vote NO on SB127

SB127 is up for a vote by the full Tennessee Senate on Monday afternoon. Contact YOUR State Senator using this form and tell them you don't want your state and local tax dollars used for discrimination.
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I still oppose SB127. Please, vote NO on Thursday morning.

SB127 has been deferred 3 times because of YOUR pressure. It is finally up for a vote on Thursday morning. Use the form to contact YOUR state senator to stop the Business License to Discriminate bill.
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State & Local Government Committee, vote NO on SB127

SB127, the Business License to Discriminate bill, was referred from the floor of the Senate to the State and Local Government Committee for consideration on February 28. Urge the members of the committee to vote NO.
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Vote NO on House Bill 54 on Wednesday

HB54 is the Business License to Discriminate bill. It takes tools away from state and local governments that help them have a more transparent contracting process. It opens the door for taxpayer-funded discrimination.