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Vote NO on HB2620 on Monday.

I ask you to vote NO on HB2620 when it comes before the House Finance Subcommittee on Monday.  Tennesseans need this subcommittee to hold the line on risky legislation like HB2620.

The State must not take on the expenses for lawsuits against local school districts in this emerging area of Title IX litigation. Given the number of school districts in our state and the unknown variety of policies they might adopt, it makes no sense to say the State will pick up the tab when we don't know the upper limit of the cost.

But even picking up the cost of one lawsuit is too much.  By now, you know about the $800,000 settlement that Wisconsin student Ash Whitaker received from a federal court challenge to the Kenosha district's policy this year. 

Local school districts set the policy. They must assume the financial responsibility, not the State.  Thank you for considering my views.

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