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Vote NO on HB563

Please, vote NO on HB563 in the House Commerce Committee.  Why would you take tools away from state and local government to get the best deal for the taxpayers in grant-making and contracting?  Plus, this bill increases the possibility for taxpayer funded discrimination.  Make sure you thoroughly discuss the bill in this committee meeting.  It got NO discussion other than from the sponsor in the subcommittee. 

Under this measure, discriminatory actions like these would be permissible under state law:

  • The State of Tennessee would be required to give a grant to an organization operating an emergency shelter even if the shelter refuses to serve LGBTQ people; 
  • A city would be forced to enter into a cooperative agreement with a homeless shelter even if they refuse to provide services for the elderly.
  • The State of Tennessee would be required to enter into a contract with a counseling center that refuses to treat veterans or youth in crisis.

We need to stop and think before this bill advances.  Thank you for considering my views.


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