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Vote No on the confusing HB563 on the House floor

Please, vote NO on HB563 when it comes to the House floor.  The bill is confusing and not ready for passage.

That was evident on March 14 when it was on the floor and there was discussion about whether compliance with federal law is included in the text of the bill.  But it is in Section 2A of the bill.  That means if this bill becomes law, we are endorsing whatever federal changes happen with changing administrations. 

The confusing nature of the bill was also evident on March 14 when a representative asked if a program in Memphis would be affected.  There was no answer.  It seems that the Commerce Committee should take some time to look at how different programs across the state might be affected. 

It doesn't make sense to pass a law that might undo programs in Cookeville, Bristol, Dickson, Milan, Cleveland, Maryville, Union City, Columbia, Springfield, and dozens of other cities.  There has been no real review of the impact of this bill.  So that means that cities could find themselves facing lawsuits over long-standing, vital programs or have to cut them.

Please, send this bill back to the Commerce Committee or vote NO.

Thank you for considering my views.


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