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Vote NO on HB1274 on Tuesday in Civil Justice Subcommittee

Please, vote NO on HB1274 on Tuesday in the Civil Justice Subcommittee. 

This bill would encourage school districts to develop policies that harass and discriminate against transgender students because the State would be picking up the tab for litigation.

Instead of investing in anti-bullying programs, the State of Tennessee would be encouraging school districts to become bullies.

While the fiscal note on the bill says the costs can't be estimated, the Kenosha, Wisconsin school district knows the cost.  In January 2018, a settlement was announced with Ash Whitaker for $800,000 because of the district's discriminatory policies and actions against transgender students.

This bill is just another variation on the recent bathroom bills.  The public knows that, and Tennessee will suffer the same economic consequences that North Carolina did if the bill passes. 

Thank you for considering my views.

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