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HB1274, even as amended, is wrong for Tennessee

Even with the amendment, HB1274 is an anti-transgender bathroom bill. 

It is wrong to require the Attorney General and our state government to support school districts that target transgender students with discriminatory, ostracizing policies.  Over 125 clergy in Tennessee agree.

It is irresponsible to tell school districts developing such policies that the state will enable them by taking over the costs of their defense.  These court settlements can be expensive, as the Kenosha Wisconsin school district discovered in January 2018 when the court awarded student Ash Whitaker $800,000 for the discrimination he endured.

It is wreckless to endanger Tennessee's prosperity with another bathroom bill.  North Carolina learned that to the tune of many millions of dollars.  We need investment in this state and the business community will notice this bill. 

Please, stop this bill in the Judiciary Committee on Tuesday.  Thank you for considering my views.


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