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Please Stand Strong Against Physician-Assisted Suicide

Dear Maryland lawmaker,

I want to thank you for standing strong and voting against physician-assisted suicide in 2019. Your vote was critical in ensuring our state remains protected from this dangerous practice. 

I am writing today to ask you to continue to stand strong against the agenda to bring assisted suicide to Maryland, which has renewed its efforts in 2020.

I know this is a deeply emotional issue, but it is also one that is rife with misinformation. Despite proponents’ claims that the bill contains “safeguards” for vulnerable people — like those who have a disability, the elderly, and people of color — those are in fact an illusion. 

The bill introduced last week, HB 643 / SB 701, is the same misguided policy you that you have rejected in the past. In fact, the bill still:  

  • Does not require formal mental health evaluations
  • Does not require witnesses at the time of death to ensure vulnerable persons aren’t coerced into taking their own lives, or have their lives ended against their will
  • Fails to provide any mechanism to hold physicians who prescribe the lethal drugs accountable for errors or negligence
  • Mandates physicians falsify death certificates and list the patient’s illness, not their choice to commit suicide, as the cause of death
  • Provides zero mechanism to account for and recover the massive doses of fatal drugs that would be prescribed to ensure they don’t end up in the wrong hands and make our state’s prescription drug epidemic even worse
  • Exposes terminally-ill patients in Maryland to the risk of being denied insurance coverage of life-saving treatments in favor of cheaper, life-ending drugs. 

Across the country, all of this is happening in states that have legalized the practice. As a constitutent in Maryland, I am asking you to remain strong and again reject this dangerous agenda, and keep Maryland safe from assisted suicide. 

Thank you for helping protect our great state.

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