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VOTE NO on the "End of Life Options Act"

Dear Senator, 


As your constituent, I am very concerned by the push to legalize the dangerous practice of physician-assisted suicide in our state. Maryland has rejected this agenda multiple times and as my state Senator, I am asking you to do so once again by voting NO on the “End of Life Options Act” (SB 701/HB 643).


This is a deeply emotional issue, but it is also one that is rife with misinformation. Despite proponents’ claims that the bill contains “safeguards” for vulnerable people — like those who have a disability, the elderly, and people of color — those are in fact an illusion. 


Allowing doctors to prescribe lethal doses of drugs with no way to account for those drugs or ensure they don't end up on our streets doesn’t protect Maryland, it risks making our state’s prescription drug epidemic even worse. 


Failing to require formal mental health evaluations and witness at the time of death doesn’t keep people safe, it puts vulnerable persons at risk of being coerced into taking their own life.  


Mandating doctors tell terminally ill patients that suicide is an "option” doesn’t improve end-of-life care, it normalizes suicide, the rates of which continue to go up in states where this practice is legal, and has led to insurance companies denying coverage for life-saving treatments in favor of the much cheaper assisted suicide “option.” 


Instead of wasting more time on this ill-conceived and dangerous agenda, Maryland should focus on expanding access to health insurance and quality medical treatment, invest in hospice and statewide patient-centered care, and make certain that insurance covers life-saving treatments for those who cannot afford it. 


As your constituent, I am asking you to please VOTE NO on the “End of Life Options Act” and stand up for Marylanders who deserve better. 


Thank you,

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