Stop the attack on TN Libraries and Librarians in the Senate

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Vote NO on SB2896

Please, vote NO on SB2896 when it is up for discussion in the Senate Government Operations Committee on March 4.

We already have structures of accountability in our local libraries.  If this bill passes, the parental oversight board will make decisions that cause conflict for city and county governments who will have to pay for the legal bills when libraries are sued for censoring material.

The fact that this bill provides for the \"imprisonment\" of librarians who may be in violation of the decisions of the parental oversight board should be enough to disqualify it for further consideration.  It is dangerous to consider jailing public employees for doing their job of providing information.  It runs counter to the very mission of a library.

I urge you to put the brakes on this bill that poses serious constitutional issues and puts librarians at risk.  Thank you for considering my views.

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