Stop the latest attack on marriage equality in Tennessee!

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Vote NO on HB2410

Please, vote NO on HB2410 when it comes before the House Children and Families Subcommittee on March 11.

A 2019 Public Religion Research Institute found that a majority of Tennessee residents now support marriage equality, commonly known as same-sex marriage.  And over 125 Tennessee clergy opposed a 2019 bill to undo marriage equality.

Obergefell is the law of the land as affirmed by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts in Pavan v. Smith, a case that determined that a state must place the names of married same-sex couples on their child's birth certificate.

The bill's discussion of the Lemon Test does not make sense.  The Lemon test is a test for courts to determine if a statute violates the establishment clause. A legislative body can not apply the Lemon's test to a Supreme Court decision, nor can it predetermine the outcome of the test on a statute passed by that body.

No one can doubt that passing this bill will result in expensive litigation and massive economic implications for Tennessee.  Any state that now attempts to undo marriage equality will face loss of jobs and tourism revenue.

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