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Vote NO on HB2576 when it comes to the House floor.

Please, vote NO on HB2576 when it comes to the House floor.

The law should not interfere with the current standard of care and that is what this bill does. It is bad for youth and bad for doctors. It is not supported by medical associations. Please, check with them before voting on this bill.

This bill is trying to undo the recommended treatment approach for children questioning their gender identity. Institutions including the Endocrine Society, American Medical Society, American Psychological Society, American Psychiatric Association, and American Academy of Pediatrics all advocate for supporting children as they navigate gender identity concerns. And they all agree that safely guided gender transition in children (in collaboration with parents and medical providers) is not a criminal offense, but standard and ethical practice. 


Denying best practices in medical care and support to transgender youth can be life-threatening.  It has been shown to contribute to depression, social isolation, self-hatred, risk of self-harm, and suicidal behavior.  Research shows that transgender youth whose families support their gender identity have a decrease in suicidal thoughts, a decrease in suicide attempts, and significant increases in self-esteem and overall health.


Labeling doctors who provide the current ethical standard of care as child abusers is another dangerous feature of this bill.  The law should not drive a wedge between doctors and patients. 


Additionally, this controversial bill will paint a huge target on Tennessee as we try to reopen our economy to tourism, business, and conventions.  That is a risk we do not need to take when our state's revenues are down significantly.


Thank you for considering my views.

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