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Testimony for Rally to Reopen Schools

It's time for the Elected Board of Education to hear from struggling parents and frustrated tax payers. Their guidance to reopen is based on fear and not facts. They have no sense of urgency to return vulnerable, developing youth to the routines and learning environment that they so desperately need. Furthermore, they have been sheltered from criticism of the general public by only collecting public comments via email and never having to confront the outrage and desperation of their constituency - parents and taxpayers. If they won't let us in the building, we'll hold our own public forum outside on Tuesday, October 13 beginning at 3:00pm. If you'd like to sign-up to testify using this form by adding your comments to the option before submission!


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Is virtual learning a disaster for your family? Are you concerned about learning gaps? Are you tired of having no timeline for returning to in-person classes? Are your children anxious, depressed, or angry? WE NEED YOUR TESTIMONY. Sign up here to provide a 2 minute testimony at the Rally to Reopen!

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Give ALL parents a choice to return their students to school!

The Board of Education can come up with a plan which allows ALL parents a choice for 5 days of in-person education or all virtual. Every industry has seen a 50% or less return of patrons; the schools will be no different. ALL parents should have the option to return to school or stay home.