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When Kory Payne came up with the idea to create Ujoin, he had been working on nonpartisan grassroots policy campaigns for 15 years. At that time he kept running into organizations that were having the same problem: They couldn’t find easy-to-use, affordable software that would help them run their digital advocacy campaigns. More than that, they were also having trouble getting their audiences engaged.

Kory had been successfully launching award-winning campaigns to pass really difficult laws and knew that he could help these organizations, so he set out to create Ujoin.

Since 2015, Ujoin has grown to serve thousands of stakeholders across several countries with an unwavering commitment to all of them: Always empathize, never get greedy, and keep improving our product by listening.

We will not sell any emails or other information from your list to outside organizations or companies. Your data is yours and we’re committed to your data privacy.

Our core team is composed of founders who are all committed to excellence and to a desire to help our customers get the results they are after. We hope you consider coming along for the ride with us!

Easy online advocacy, available to all.

We're passionate about empowering people to advocate for good laws. Many advocacy platforms out there are complicated to use. We've made this platform to make it easy and fun to manage your online advocacy campaigns.

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