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Made By Advocates, For Advocates.
Ujoin began as an alternative to overpriced advocacy platforms that not only are difficult to use but that also have subpar customer support and service.

Our goal from the beginning was to deliver world class advocacy tools at an unbeatable price point while at the same time delivering high quality customer care.

We continue to operate with that mission as our guide, serving over a thousand nonprofits, public affairs firms, municipalities, companies, and volunteer groups with a team of dedicated professionals.

Here's what you'll find with Ujoin: Effective and intuitive tools with human centered customer care if you need help. We're willing to deep dive with you into your work and help, or we can step back and simply answer your questions as they come in, whatever you prefer.

Easy online advocacy, available to all.

We're passionate about empowering people to advocate for good laws. Many advocacy platforms out there are complicated to use. We've made this platform to make it easy and fun to manage your online advocacy campaigns.

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