Our Story

What we've built so far and how we do it.

Made By Advocates, For Advocates.

Your Data is Yours

Unlike other platforms, we will not sell any emails from your list to outside organizations or companies. Your data is yours, and we are here to help you put it to use for yourself.

After years of working with frustrating and expensive online platforms, we decided to build something better for the groups who don't have a budget to hire a tech expert.

Ujoin is a for profit, social benefit company with a nonprofit, education arm (we're still in the process of forming the nonprofit). Ultimately, we set out to make one of the best advocacy and email management sites out there to help small to mid range organizations. That mission lead us to the creation of Ujoin.

Quick & Easy

Set up advocacy pages in minutes.

Try creating a free online campaign. If you like what you see, think about combining your advocacy pages with our email management service. The email service helps you build your online community and lets you -- and them -- take action on the stuff you all care about.

  • Our Inspiration

    Easy online advocacy, available to all.

    We know there's nothing like real advocacy in real time with legislators, and the growing world of online advocacy can provide a huge support-base to balance out your grassroots efforts. We're passionate about empowering people to advocate for good laws. Many of the sophisticated online advocacy and email platforms out there are complicated to use and end up forcing organizations to hire someone to manage it. We've made this platform to make it easy and fun to manage your online advocacy campaigns.

    When it comes to some of the most sophisticated advocacy platforms, too many groups are left out in the cold. We want these groups to engage with the exciting world of online advocacy.

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