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Urge your state legislators to close the coverage gap. Now is the time.

Dear [title] [last name],

Hard-working North Carolinians deserve better.


Over 600,000 North Carolina workers, parents, and veterans lack affordable health coverage because the state has not yet closed the health insurance coverage gap.


Many of these workers in the coverage gap serve in frontline positions that have helped our state stay afloat during the uncertain times of the pandemic. As we emerge from the pandemic, we need to make sure that these workers have access to affordable health care so that they are able to remain on the job and support their families.


Not only will closing the coverage gap support our workforce, but it will also help our state’s economy recover. Closing the coverage gap presents a great opportunity for North Carolina and can help the many people who are still struggling.


I am disappointed that the budget statement by legislative leadership shared that a solution to close the coverage gap will not be included in their budget because the benefits and the need are greater than ever.

I am writing to ask you to work with your colleagues to develop a comprehensive solution to close the coverage gap in our state. We are counting on you.




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Urge your state legislators to close the coverage gap!

NC has been offered a massive incentive to get affordable health coverage to low-income adults. We must take advantage and close the coverage gap for the more than 600,000 NC residents who lack affordable healthcare. Closing the coverage gap has never been more urgent, and we must act today!