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Help us stop SB 88, the bill to legalize physician-assisted suicide, in the CT legislature's Public Health Committee. Instead we should improve palliative and end-of-life care, we should respect the disabled, and we should not let fear of impending loss of autonomy be the reason to allow this practice that will alter healthcare for the worse in CT. Don't let the state tell us what lives are worth living. Please encourage legislators who are unsure, not to fear standing with healing and care, and not with hastened and unsupervised death that will have a negative impact on health care in our state.

  • The safeguards to avoid abuse of the disabled, ill and elderly are extremely weak.
  • The medication used is not FDA approved. It is a mixture of drugs that the doctor orders. No testing has ever been done on the drug mixture. Patients were the test subjects, which has lead to some terrible results.

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