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Urge Indiana Lawmakers to Support the Internet Safety Curricula for Schools Act

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Hi, how are you today? I am a constituent of Senator/Representative ____, and I'm calling to ask him/her to support SB 142, the Internet Safety Curricula for Schools Act. Would you be able to pass a message on?

Great, thanks. The Internet Safety Curricula for Schools Act would require the Department of Education to develop curricula for elementary and high schools on topics like thinking independently about online information, responding to cyberbullying or identity theft, and understanding how social media platforms are financially motivated to influence their behavior.

Media literacy is literacy for the 21st century. That's why I want to ensure that Indiana's next generation learns the media literacy skills they need for health, well-being, and full participation in economic and civic life. As a constituent, I believe that Senator/Representative shares these values and ask that he/she supports The Internet Safety Curricula for Schools Act.

Thank you for your time.