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Kraft Heinz - it's time to act on toxic phthalates!

Dear Mr. Patricio:


I am writing to urge The Kraft Heinz Company to identify and remove any sources of toxic chemicals called phthalates from your food processing equipment and food packaging, and to work with your suppliers to identify and eliminate any phthalates from your entire supply chain, including from dairy products.


Scientific studies show that early-life exposure to phthalates can harm the brain development and phthalates are linked to learning, ADHD, behavior issues. Recent studies even show links to autism traits. These chemicals have no place in our food.


Given these preventable health risks, don’t you want to make a greater effort to replace any toxic food-contact chemicals in your supply chain with safer alternatives?


I am asking the Kraft Heinz Company to make a clear commitment to healthy children for all of your customers by:


1.    Matching the commitment of Nestle by prohibiting any and all phthalates in your food packaging, including cap gaskets, printing inks, and adhesives; and

2.         Identifying the presence of any phthalates in every part of food processing equipment and replacing that equipment with non-phthalate alternatives. This screening and replacement process should be a global endeavor.

3.    Publicly committing to work with your suppliers to phase out the use of any phthalates in dairy farm equipment and other upstream sources in your supply chain.


Thank you for considering this request. I hope to see public action from Kraft Heinz soon!



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