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Protect & Aid Estheticians and Spa/Salon Workers

The passing of the Cares Act was supposed to provide support for small businesses and self-employed individuals. Currently, most of those who need support have been left out of badly needed aid. Now the White House is pushing the opening of our economy without a thought about those who provide personal services such as estheticians, nail techs, massage therapist and hairstylists.

We ask our federal representatives, house, and senate members to keep our profession in mind when addressing additional aid initiatives. We are in close contact with clients, social distancing is not a viable option and the lack of N95 masks will further put us at risk. Testing is not widely available and disinfection supplies are limited. It is unconscionable that our own government would put us in a position to choose economic security over human life. 

We need the following:

  • Access to testing before returning to work
  • Access to N95 masks or equivalent that will protect the client as we as ourselves-fabric masks are NOT a viable option
  • Funds that are allocated directly to small businesses less than 100 employees and self-employed practitioners
  • Administration of funds done in a fair manner with clear guidelines that respect the importance of small businesses. NO MORE handouts to large business!
  • We are over 1.1 million workers within the United States, the lack of support and thought into aid for our sector will not only put us at risk but also our clients.
  • Access to unemployment aid for self-employed workers. This is STILL not available, please push the administration to get rules to states now.


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Please Help us!

Yet again our profession has been left out of much of the aid that the Federal Government has provided. We are calling upon all of our elected officials to stand with us and provide access to funds, protective equipment, and testing before we go back to work.