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Tell the Senate: Protect our health, not the chemical industry

I am writing to urge you to oppose the confirmation of Nancy Beck to Chair the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Nancy Beck has a track record of blocking protections that would reduce our children’s exposure to chemicals that harm brain health.

For example:

  • Beck rewrote rules so that they ignored exposures to lead from pipes and paint.
  • She directed EPA staff to ignore the exposure of neurotoxic chemicals from polluted drinking water, air and soil when evaluating risk, despite criticism from the EPA’s own Science Advisory Committee.
  • She also helped block the proposed ban on brain-damaging pesticide chlorpyrifos and delayed children’s protections for lead by failing to update the hazard standard for lead paint. 

Please oppose this nomination. Thank you,


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I am calling to ask Senator (NAME) to oppose the nomination of Beck to Chair the Consumer Product Safety Commission. 

This agency is charged with protecting us from harmful chemicals in products, but Beck has a history of actually blocking actions to protect us from harmful chemicals. Beck delayed protections on lead, stopped the ban on brain-damaging pesticide, and ignored her own EPA’s scientists. 

I ask the Senator to protect our health and oppose Nancy Beck’s nomination to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Thank you.